Divina Proporción Winery To Join With Harris Wine Merchant

I am excited to announce that the Toro winery will join me in sending tasting samples to Oregon this spring in the hopes of selling many bottles to eager Spanish oenophiles. I have added their wine and viticulture information to the Harris Wine site that is, hopefully, just days away from launching.

Máximo and his brother Juan take care of the vines and at harvest employ 15-kilo crates for hand picking. The grapes are hand-selected when they arrive at the winery. All their wines spend some in oak but Máximo does not want to emphasize oak in his wines. The oak, and some malolactic aging in oak, is meant to clean and stabilize; it marks the confluence of fruit, structure and acidity with the most minimal exposure to oxygen through pores in the staves. Ripe forest fruits, caramel and lactic notes dominate each wine to varying degrees. You’ll experience long finishes and brilliant purple shades.

Thank you Máximo and Yovana for your hospitality and the fine wine. You can get to know them and their winery here.

Divina Proporcion vines

Estate vines just after winter pruning.

Yovona and Maximo

Yovana and Máximo trying to keep warm at the entrance to their winery.

Maximo and Vanessa

Me and Máximo barrel tasting the 2014 vintage.

Divina Proporcion bottles

Gorgeous labels by local artist. Just know that what’s inside is as beautiful as what’s outside. The wine and the labels are a labor of love.



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